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Help with Contract and Warrenty Collection

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Help with Contract and Warrenty Collection

I’m currently trying to get all our servers registered with their contract and warranty information. After running the collection majority of my servers fail. Most of them have the following message.

Unable to lookup entitlement status for this request due to missing or incomplete entitlement data. Please add the needed entitlement information and resubmit the request. The minimum entitlement data must include minimally one of the following sets of system information: a) CountryCode + erialNumber + PartNumber or b) CountryCode + SerialNumber[12 digits long] or c) CountryCode + EntitlementId + EntitlementType. The more entitlement data, the more likely entitlement status will be found. Including the serial number, in particular, increases the ability to accurately lookup the entitlement information specific to the request.

Most of my servers only have 10 digits long Serial Numbers so apparently I need the PartNumber(Product Id) to register my servers. Unfortunately almost all my servers aren’t reporting the Part Number. When I login to System Management Homepage on each server and bring up the system information it always says “Not Available”. All the other information is there just not the Product Id. Does anyone have any tricks on how I can get this PartNumber/Product Id?


Fernando Santos_1
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Re: Help with Contract and Warrenty Collection

Hi Greg,

Contract and Warranty Collection to work need some mandatory information in system properties of each system. You have to ensure that all systems you want to entitle have that info. My suggestion to get the Part Number is to install or update the insight agents thru PSP in all systems.

Any tip can help. Helping or not!