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How to Configure MSL e1200-320 in SIM?

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How to Configure MSL e1200-320 in SIM?

I found an unresolved forum post that exactly describes the problem I am having:

The cards (e1200-320 4Gb) in my library have been detected, but are not providing information or forwarding alerts. The only documentation I've found says that the cards need to be firmware version 4.x or higher, and that SNMP needs to be setup.

My cards are all running firmware 5.7x, however there are no SNMP settings anywhere! I've dug through the web gui AND the serial menus, there appears to be nowhere to configure SNMP on these things.
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Re: How to Configure MSL e1200-320 in SIM?

Did anyone ever figure this out?


My cards are at 5.9 and I can't find where to configure SNMP on them - even though ALL documentation for them says that you can.  It never shows HOW to do it!!! 



Thanks - b

jim goodman
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Re: How to Configure MSL e1200-320 in SIM?

What documentation are you looking at? According to the product sheet it says nothing about SNMP amongst its listed features.


Now if you are referring to the MSL then you set up the management via the Remote Management Interface selecting Notification Registration and follow the steps. That feature came with MSL FW begining at 4.3 ,been a long time since I have seen it but I believe that is the case.