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Re: How to disable "link up" events?

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Re: How to disable "link up" events?

It was a typo -r from my side. "Trap: warmStart is redundant " msg here means that this trap is registered with some other mib. But it will be good to know with which one.
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\T Bajpai
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Re: How to disable "link up" events?

Yes - there is something still wrong.  Even though I removed that MIB from the system, I am still getting alerts referencing it:


Mib Information
The associated MIB File Name for this trap is rfc1215.mib and the MIB identifier RFC1215-MIB


So how do I find what the correct MIB is that is causing these alerts?  It can't be RFC1215, because I deleted it.  Yet they still appears but are incorrectly mentioning that MIB.