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How to enable HDD Predictive Failure on HPE SIM

Grimaldy Soto
Frequent Advisor

How to enable HDD Predictive Failure on HPE SIM

I've been looking over the Internet on how to accomplish this but I haven't found a solution yet.

I received notification from HDD which fails but I also want to received notification for HDD that will fail.


what I have found is this:

In SIMS, go to Options, Events, SNMP Trap Settings.
Click the drop down box by MIB name and select cpqida.mib
CLick the drop down box by Trap name and select (SNMP) Physical Drive Status Change (3046)
In the Severity box, select critical.

But that already configure in that way.

I went to the last server in which this ocurred, a generated alert for a predictive HDD Failure, and looked into the logs for the MIB responsible and the its cpqida.mib so I don't know exactly where to look

Any help would be very appreciate.

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