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How to fix Rack/Enclosure/Blade System Server associations


How to fix Rack/Enclosure/Blade System Server associations

Hello experts,


A little bit background on our SIM environment.


There are more than 5000 devices monitored by our HP SIM and new and old device keeps come and go so having them discovered and removed manually using the web GUI is excruciating.


So  I wrote a script to have any production device automatically added and any decommissioned device removed from HP SIM - based on configuration management tool (we're using Chameleon). All went well and we have reduced the number of unmonitored devices significantly.


But after a while, I noticed that  HP SIM doesn't make association between most of the blade system servers to their enclosure. Took me awhile to figure this until I found this article ( saying that the initial discovery of Blade system must always begin first with OA’s, - or else will end up in bad association.


I had to remove all blades, Enclosures and Racks from SIM and having their OA's discovered. Took days for the discovery to complete!


So the question is there any other way around for me to fix the broken association? Why can't the system re-identification fix this?

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Re: How to fix Rack/Enclosure/Blade System Server associations

If you discover a server and the scan can read the serial the server with the serial as the name should be replaced by the host that you discovered. If that does not work check the credentials used for discovery.
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