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How to get HP SMH working ?

Occasional Visitor

How to get HP SMH working ?


Just bought 3 x DL160 servers.

I'm trying to get SMH to have all hardware items listed but it seems i'm missing something.

SNMP Service config is ok but it lacks this dependencies :

- HP Insight Foundation Agents
- HP Insight NIC Agents
- HP Insight Server Agents
- HP Insight Storage Agents

I know this is the real problem because i successfully configured another server few weeks ago and it has those dependencies in SNMP service.

How do i get HP Insight Management Agent ? Everytime i'm trying to find it i end up with nothing...

Thanks, DN



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Re: How to get HP SMH working ?

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Re: How to get HP SMH working ?

Thanks, but actually i am coming from here.

Tutorial is fine but doesn't clearly mention what to have installed on the server except SMH and SNMP.

I went through by downloading Service Pack for ProLiant.

Automatic deployement of agents did not work from some reasons but i found a workaround by installing those packages (for WS2012R2 64) in \hp\swpackages :


It did the trick.

This said, i must confess that i found very unclear the documentation about this (+ all previous links about past documentations are now obsolete since the new website).