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How to logon HPSIM

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How to logon HPSIM


I have been installed HPSIM without Active Directory. So, I've promoted Domain controller. But, I couldn't logon HPSIM due to some issued security. Would you pls give me some tips to solve this issue ASAP. Thanks
mark q
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Re: How to logon HPSIM


whatever local account you installed sim with will be account you can login with.

so you would have
- user id - id you installed with
- user pass - password you installed with
- domain - name of the computer you installed on
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Re: How to logon HPSIM

Hi Mark q,

I still have problems to logon HPSIM.

When I installed HPSIM with workgroup, I can access HPSIM with local NT-ID, Password. Since promotion DC, I Couldn't.

Here is my action:
Used NT-ID, Password and also Domain based on computer name as your recommand.

Pls check again this issue. thanks.
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Re: How to logon HPSIM

Just met error message with "fail logon"
Steven Baillie
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Re: How to logon HPSIM

When you promote the server to a DC then there are no local accounts on the server. That is why you can not get logged in.

You should of added domain accounts to HP sim before you promoted it or made the server part of the domain and used a domain account to install HP SIM.

You could make the server a member server add domain acounts and then promote it to a dc once you checked you could login to sim via a domain accout.

Why are you making the SIM server a DC? I would keep it a member server.