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How to turn off "System is unreachable" alerts?


How to turn off "System is unreachable" alerts?


We're using HPSIM for hardware-only monitoring. We have another monitoring system (Sitescope) that takes care of disk space, ping, memory, etc monitoring. When a host goes down we don't want to get a "System is unreachable" page from HPSIM, we want that to come from Sitescope. The hpsim unreachable event is severity "Critical", we definately want Critical messages to come through and at the same time excluding the unreachable events.

I was looking at the Options > Events > snmp trap polling but I don't think it will help, the unreachable message is sourced from the hpsim server and not the clients.

I don't see any options to edit the "Critical" severity anywhere.

Any suggestions?

Aravindh Rajaram
Honored Contributor

Re: How to turn off "System is unreachable" alerts?

You can turn it off from "Options->Events->Status Change Event Settings" menu item.

Re: How to turn off "System is unreachable" alerts?

Thanks! I think that's going to do it:

Perform the following procedure to configure the sending of status change events for systems when hardware status changes to and from a Critical (unreachable) state only.

To configure status change event settings:


Select OptionsEventsStatus Change Event Settings. The Status Change Event Settings page appears.

Two options are available on this page. Select one or both of the options.

Enable creation of system status change events. This option causes a system unreachable event to be sent whenever a system cannot be reached by a ping through the Hardware Status Polling task. Enabling this option causes a system reachable event to be created whenever the system is reachable again.

Automatically clear unreachable system status change events when system is reachable. If this option is enabled, when a system that was previously unreachable starts to respond, the previous unreachable event is marked with a cleared state.


Click [OK] to apply changes.