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How to update mibs on version 6.3 sim

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How to update mibs on version 6.3 sim

I have sim 6.3 version. Since there is a new mib kit out.  Could someone tell me step by steps on how to get new  mibs uploaded and compiled. THere is a whole new mib packet out and I know there is a pdf document out there but its kind of confusing for what i'm doing. I don't want to break what I have. Do i download all the mibs into the current folder in my sim server where the current mibs are allready residing and then I do what ?  Could someone give me step by step instructions. Thanks.

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Re: How to update mibs on version 6.3 sim



I think you're looking for this PDF:





The mxmib tool registers MIBs into the HP Systems Insight Manager database by using their corresponding CFG files. This tool also has the capability to list all registered MIBs, to display a list of traps contained in each individually registered MIB, and to unregister MIBs that the user or the system has previously registered.



expects to find all files located in the <BASE>\mibs directory. Usage for mxmib is as follows:


-a <myfile.cfg> mxmib -f <mylist.list> mxmib –l mxmib -t <myfile.mib> mxmib -d <myfile.mib>

The switches work as follows:

• -a —Registers a new CFG,

<myfile.cfg>, or replaces the data of a previously registered MIB.

• -f — Reads and processes a list of CFGs from a file,

<mylist.list>, to register with HP Systems Insight Manager. This file must reside in the <BASE>\mibs directory and the full CFG filename must be listed on individual lines. Each line in the file is processed as it would be by running the mxmib –a command individually on each individual file.

• -l — Lists all the MIBs registered in HP Systems Insight Manager. Supplying no arguments to

mxmib defaults to running mxmib –l.

• -t — Lists the traps in the specified <myfile.mib>.

-d — Unregisters a MIB, <myfile.mib>, from the HP Systems Insight Manager database.




Michael Leu
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Re: How to update mibs on version 6.3 sim

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Re: How to update mibs on version 6.3 sim

So do I download the mib kit to the current folder in sim server where all the  current mibs are at or do I place them in a separate folder, register them first and then copy paste them into the mib location in sim server where all the current ones are residing ? Can they all co -exist and wouldn't there be duplicates ?

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Re: How to update mibs on version 6.3 sim

It's written in the Installation Instructions:

1) you make a temporary folder and download and unzip the files there

2) open cmd.exe and navigate to that folder

3) execute cscript updatemibs.js (from this directory)

4) after script completes you can delete the temporary directory and its files