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Re: Hp Agentless Management + SIM

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Hp Agentless Management + SIM

with HP Agentless mgmt on bl460 g8's is HP SIM required to receive alerts or can you opt not to have SIM and just have email alerts when hardware failures occur? If so where is this email setting configured?

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Re: Hp Agentless Management + SIM

HPSIM is needed to recieve the events and it will report to the user as an Email. In Agentless mode Agents will be a part of ILO instead of Server. 

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Re: Hp Agentless Management + SIM

but can ILO send the emaIL? will it use the email settings from Onboard Administrator? I want email alerts without using HP SIM. Prior to Gen8 the event notifier was used

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Re: Hp Agentless Management + SIM



ILO cannot send mail directly. In the old days (agentbased management) it was the agent who could send a mail. Until further notice this is not available with agentless management. Maybe it can come one day with a future firmware release. But it isn't there now for sure...


So if you want mails today, you will need to install HP SIM or another tool that can receive SNMP traps...


The mail functionallity in the OA cannot be used... This is for enclosure actions only...  Not what happens inside a blade...





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