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Hp Events Notifier Email - What Voodoo is required?

Dave Onex
Frequent Advisor

Hp Events Notifier Email - What Voodoo is required?

Hi Folks!

I'm having a real problem getting email notifications from the HP Events Notifier program.

I went through this same problem years ago when I deployed a DL380. I now have another 3 servers and email notification only works on one of them (the mail server).

Each machine is a clean install with the latest smart-start CD and firmware. So they are all up to date and most current.

I run through the two-step wizard, enter my mail server (I've tried both by IP and FQDN) and then enter my email address.

Testing results in email only from the mail server itself. The other 2 machines refuse to send email.

I recall some kind of voodoo was required years ago but like all voodoo - I forgot what the majic recipe was....

I installed outlook express on each machine thinking that was it - it wasn't.

Can anyone help? I've tried whitelisting the machine IP's in both my spam filter and the mail server to no avail.

Best & Thanks
Best & thanks!
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Re: Hp Events Notifier Email - What Voodoo is required?

Do You SMTP mail service available ?
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Dave Onex
Frequent Advisor

Re: Hp Events Notifier Email - What Voodoo is required?

I got it cased - on the first page of the two page wizard where it says From:

I was putting in the Server name thinking that it would show up in the from field in the email.

Turns out it wanted an email address in that field. Once I put in my email address everything started working :-)

Thanks anyway though!
Best & thanks!