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Re: Hpsim agent

Phil Lo Galbo
New Member

Hpsim agent

Hello all
Is the agent supposed to reinstall automatically when you replace a down sever?
In other words, a server has a single drive and the drive fails, you get a new drive and install a new OS and get it back on the network with the same server name, does HPsim them app recognize it (not sure how) and reinstall the agent.



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Adila Botonjic

Re: Hpsim agent

Hi Phil,

If you reinstall operating system of the server without SmartStart or KickStart (it depends on OS) you must install PSP after OS installation. Then you should configure your server in order to sent traps to your HPSIM. If you do that, and OS and IP of the server are the same as before disk failure, there is nothing else that you need to do in HPSIM, but it I would recomend to delete your server from sim and run a new discovery. In this way you'll be able to see I server is properly accessible to sim.
I hope I helped.