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Hypervisor setting prevents some functionality

Rob Buxton
Honored Contributor

Hypervisor setting prevents some functionality

I've just upgraded our HPSIM installation.
We've gone from V5.1 SP1 to V05.02.01.00 and also upgraded PMP to 4.7, VMM to 3.5 and SMP to 3.5.

When trying to register a couple of new VMware Host servers I found I couldn't as it complained about the OS.
I edited the settings and just changed the Operating System for tool filtering from Hypervisor to Linux. This allowed the process to work.

I've also had the same issue with getting PMP to work. Unless this filter is set to Linux PMP will not display.
Interesting it will start okay though.

Anyone know of a fix, or is just setting the filter the current workaround?

Two more oddities, I can no longer find where the integration to Virtual Centre is, all I have under the VMM Options is Post VMM Upgrades.

Under Help I have to versions of SMP listed, 2.2 and 3.0, odd as we only have 3.5 installed.