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ILO boards not showing in main views in SIM5

Mikael Rönnbäck
Super Advisor

ILO boards not showing in main views in SIM5

I'm using a new freshly installed SIM5 SP4 running on Windows 2003.

SIM finds all devices, both servers and ILO boards and communicates with them properly.

When I look at the details of a server I can see which ILO board it uses.

However in the main windows, for example "all systems", the status for HS (health) shows ok, SW (software) shows ok, but MP (mgmt processor) comes up with a "!" for every machine.

I seem to recall this was mentioned before somewhere as a display bug, but wasn't that if you upgraded from SIM 5.0 SP3 to SP4 ?
(As this is a new clean SP4 installation and not an upgrade)

Anyone know what can be done to make the ILO boards show up properly in the overview-windows and not just under the details for each server ?