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IM Auto Deployement

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IM Auto Deployement


When we deploy our servers with an OS, the IM is being installed through scripting (actually the cmd that installs all the software from the smartStart CD 7.(1)4). Also smtp settings are pushed and working.

Installation is fine but the server is showing up as unmanaged.

If we install the software via IM itself, it works but we like to have it there when servers get a new RIS image.....

Are there some things we should mind?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Jan Gezels
Ferry Steenvoorde
Valued Contributor

Re: IM Auto Deployement

You might download the correct Support Pack, and extract all files into one directory.
Then start SETUP.EXE.
Preconfigure all options you can preconfigure, most notably "Systems Management Homepage", Version Control Agent" and "Insight Agents".

Do not install the Support Pack, but quit the application.

You might notice that three "cpXXXXX.exe"-files have been changed.

Make sure the extracted Support Pack files are available when installing the server, and start installation of the Support Pack using "SETUPEX.EXE" (no, it's not a typo). This is the silent install mode of the Support pack.

Using this method, you can already include the name of the VCRM-server, as well as the HPSIM server Certificate.

In order to identify "Managed Systems", verify:
-SNMP settings
-name resolution for the HPSIM/VCRM-machine
-login info for VCRM
-whether any ports are blocked (specificly 161, 162, 280, 2301 and 2381).
-network routing (subnets, default gateway).
-HP Management Agents are enabled (see Control Panel)