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Ideas on how to create collections for Windows server 2008 ?

Mikael Rönnbäck
Super Advisor

Ideas on how to create collections for Windows server 2008 ?


I'm looking for whether anyone have any good ideas on how to create collections in SIM to select Windows server 2008 machines ?

Since Windows server 2008 uses the product name "Windows Server (R) 2008" and () are not allowed to be used in a collection, I'm kind of stuck with some not so nice workarounds:

For Windows server 2008 x86 I search for any systems where operating system name contains 2008 but does not contain x64, which works rather fine

For Windows 2008 x64 however you cannot do the reverse since x86 does not say it is x86, it just says "Windows Server (R) 2008" and since the AND/OR selection in SIM cannot be modified you're stuck with an OR that is not working, so I had to select on any operating system that does not contain 2003 but does contain x64, which seems to work rather good so far since that atm only leaves Windows server 2008 x64 as choice, but it's not very elegant in the long run.

And I haven't gotten round to Windows server 2008 R2 yet, (mostly since the agents does not work very well yet) and I'm not yet sure how to include/exclude those.

Anyone come up with better criteria for the collections ?