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If SNMP is working properly between managed node and CMS??

Jamie Curran

If SNMP is working properly between managed node and CMS??

If I have discovered an Server with the Compaq agents and SNMP running and during discovery the  community string is accepted

what hardware information should I have access to on the managed node??


What I mean is when you click on  the Server name or IP it brings up information window and when I click Health status then SNMP

I'm presented with  table that has green  icons with check marks for different hardware  eg. Drive Array, FC, Network, Windows OS, Thresholds. Clicking on any of these takes you to the management page of the server. My problem is that some servers only show a couple of things eg. Windows OS and Thresholds????  Just wondering what is going on??? And on both I get blue Icons with ! mark??

Honored Contributor

Re: If SNMP is working properly between managed node and CMS??

It depends very much on the hardware you are using and the version of the agents you are running on that hardware. At a minimum ensure the following


  1. You have a common read community setup on the agents and SIM
  2. You have at least one READ/WRITE community at the agent. The agents need this to perform certain tasks
  3. You have set the agents to accept traps from localhost and the SIM server


Check the agents are started in the services.msc (for windows). I've seen older version crash. Restart them if neccessary and also restart the system management homepage. I'd also update that if possible to the latest for the hardware

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Jamie Curran

Re: If SNMP is working properly between managed node and CMS??

You mentioned both a Read Community String and a READ/WRITE community String?? Under the traps  on managed nodes with HP agents version 8.60 in SNMP Properties> Traps Tab I have specified a common community string for our environment and added the CMS server hostname and IP address for trap destination. Same community string is on the CMS server.

Under  the SNMP Service properties >Security Tab I have the same community String specified as Read Create


So your saying it should be READ\WRITE to get everything we need???  I thought I read something that the agents didn't require Write???


It looks as though the servers that are not displaying as much info are DL380 G6's BL460C G6 and DL380 G7's seem to display more options under SNMP>Health


SNMP settings on  CMS are as follows


Community string is same as agents

Tarp destination is localhost and aTivoli server we want to  forward alerts to

Security Tab

Public String as READ Write

Community string used by us as Read Create . Public should be removed as we consider it a security flaw and don't use it.


Should Community string  we use on CMS be  READ\Write as well???


I will also check that the Security Community string on all manage nodes with agents are set the same. Please let me know if they should be Read\Write.