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Important Feedback Requested - HP SIM <--> RDP Connector

David Claypool
Honored Contributor

Important Feedback Requested - HP SIM <--> RDP Connector

For some time, the Rapid Deployment Pack and now the Insight Control Environment have provided a feature known as the HP SIM <--> RDP Connector. This shows up as items under the Deploy --> Rapid Deployment Pack menu as

- Synchronize with Deployment Servers
- Schedule a Job
- Launch Web Console

Additionally, Synchronize with Deployment Servers is a task found under Tasks & Logs --> Scheduled Tasks and runs every hour by default.

In planning for future products and capabilities, we're trying to determine how people are using this today. Please reply back (points guaranteed) with how you use it and what you would like to see improved. Thanks.
Rob Buxton
Honored Contributor

Re: Important Feedback Requested - HP SIM <--> RDP Connector

Haven't seen much take up on this.
I've looked at RDP a few times but never been able to justify it here.
With the move to more virtual servers and deploying those from templates there seems to be even less requirements.
As background it took until the c3000 Blade infrastructure before I could make Blades cost effective given how things are paid for here.
Probably not wanted to hear and I'll probably end up with negative points!