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Importing a 3rd-party mib to HP SIM

Remo Rueedi
Occasional Visitor

Importing a 3rd-party mib to HP SIM

I try to compile and import a thirdparty-mib in the HP Insight Manager 5.1
This process will work really fine, like described in the manual. Then, i'd like to see the SNMP-Trap-Settings in the Options/Events-Menu. There my probs starts:
- First, i can't see my registred MIB in the field "Mib Name"
- after a view retries registering the mib i was able to see the mib-name.
- then i'd like to see the definitions and parameters in this mib... but all the fields are empty.

i have attached the orginial-mib here. Is there something wrong in the mib?

Thank you for checking!

PS: it's a mib for a SiconSocomec UPS, the UPS-Software is NetVision
Remo Rueedi
Occasional Visitor

Re: Importing a 3rd-party mib to HP SIM

Is somebody there how can help me?