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Inexplicable minor status

Matt Schroeder
Occasional Advisor

Inexplicable minor status

Hello all,

I have several servers with minor health status for no apparent reason. The system management homepages aren't reporting any problems, and the VCAs show the servers are up to date.

Does anyone know of any other reason why their health status might be minor?

Gene Nordahl
Valued Contributor

Re: Inexplicable minor status


There have been a number of things that caused this. For example we ran into an issue with systems with a RILOE installed and running the 7.60 agents reported a minor status downgrade to 7.51 to fix.

What servers/OS/Agent versions are you running?

James ~ Happy Dude
Honored Contributor

Re: Inexplicable minor status

Hello Matt,

If everything is up to date; then Run a MANUAL (re)Discovery again;

Neysters, Lutz
Frequent Advisor

Re: Inexplicable minor status

If you want to know the reason for the minor state, have a look at the events belonging to that server. Open the "system page" and click on the tab "events".

Most probably the minor state is only historical, as James stated.