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Inital PSP Install - Unknown result -1 (POINTS GUARANTEE)

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Inital PSP Install - Unknown result -1 (POINTS GUARANTEE)


I'm updating\installing the latest HP Management Agents version 8.50 on 200 servers.

On some of these servers I get "Unknown Result -1".

Some had the Windows Firewall service running, after I stopped that the installation went through.

On the others getting this result I find the following simularites:

System Event Log Entry:

"Foundation Agent:
HP requires that you apply a software/firmware update, containing critical bug fixes, at your earliest convenience. The update can be obtained at this URL: https://host:2381/vcagent, and clicking on the item(s) with Orange icon.

But when I log on to the system and use the VCA to install it, everything goes through. That's why I'm thinking this event log entry is a bit misleading.

Could there be some agent setting or agent version blocking the correct execution of the "Initial PSP..."-installation on these systems?

Any other hints?
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Re: Inital PSP Install - Unknown result -1 (POINTS GUARANTEE)


Initial PSP installation task in HPSIM is to install PSP on a machine where agents are not there at all..

If you want to upgrade HP Management Agents, you need to use the option "Install Software and firmware" task in HPSIM.

Rob Buxton
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Re: Inital PSP Install - Unknown result -1 (POINTS GUARANTEE)

Also Firmware is not in the PSP.
So if you have downloaded updated firmware and the VCA detects that it will report that the firmware is not up to date.