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Insight Control for vCentre - issues logging into ILO

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Insight Control for vCentre - issues logging into ILO

G'day all.


Just setting up a new installation of Insight Control for vCentre and all seems to be going OK with the hosts discovered correctly but for some reason the ILO connections are not working.


Strange this is that IC is trying to connect to the ILO using hostname, FQDN & IP address. This is being logged in the newsfeed as "No Credentials for ILO" for all 3 attempts every 5 minutes


Even stranger is that I've only specified the ILO FQDN, username and password in the global credentials page but if I have a look at the credentials for each host the IP address is listed (not the ILO host name or FQDN) and the username is blank.


I've put the passwords in again (many time) and I know for sure that it's correct.


How can I stop IC from trying all 3 (hostname, FQDN & IP) and only us the FQDN. I'm not sure where these are all coming from - maybe it's in an XML file but I've not been able to locate this.


Any assistance would be appreciated.