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Re: Insight.DeletedFQDN ?

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Insight.DeletedFQDN ?



Im having informational events called "Insight.DeletedFQDN" telling me the "Unable to get device FQDN for the IP address. This might be either due to device not being registered to any DNS server or DNS server unreachable from the CMS."


The node is then disabled, the fqdn is deleted and i have no other choice than re discovering the nodes manualy (with no issue)


I found no info on the web ? Anyone is having the same problem ?



Many thanks



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Re: Insight.DeletedFQDN ?

I was starting to get this just before my CMS completely YAKKED! So I'm scouring ITRC trying to find a resolution. Every thing seems to be fine except port 50000 is not answering..


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Re: Insight.DeletedFQDN ?

I started getting this again. (After starting from bare metal and reloading EVERYTHING.) So I searched the internet and found this post then I looked at the person who replied and saw it was me! I forgot I posted this before.


I guess Alain and I are the only two on the planet that are having this issue. Hope my SQL backups with DPM are working now!


SIM 7.2.0 Build C.