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Insight Management Agents problems (7.20a)

Fredrick Karlsson_2
Occasional Advisor

Insight Management Agents problems (7.20a)


After uppgrading a DL360 G3 to 7.20a I have some strange problems.

I can log into the https://server:2381 but then it says System Model: Unknown.

Second when pressing Insight Management Agents on the left the webbrowser just sits there trying to get into the https://server:2381/webagents/index.tpl and nothing happens.

SIM server is upgraded to 4.2.

Didnt have this problem when I ran 7.10a under SIM 4.1

Any advice is welcome.
Darren Z
Frequent Advisor

Re: Insight Management Agents problems (7.20a)

As for the "System Model: Unknown" I have then same issue on a few servers with 7.20A.
Frequent Advisor

Re: Insight Management Agents problems (7.20a)

I have the same probleme with the same version and another thing is that in the section Setting, i do not see the SNMP parameters.

but the snmp is installed and working

did you resolve this pb ?