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Insight Mgmt Agent

Ed Whit
Occasional Visitor

Insight Mgmt Agent

we currently have HP's Insight Mgmt Agent SIM software that is web based and when this string is entered on the URL--
http://localhost:2301 it brings up the software we need on a new image we are building.

This provides needed vendor specific info that you wouldn't find in Active Dir. It gives machine specific info, e.g. machine model, NIC info...

My problem is I don't know what and where to get just this piece of the HP software. The employee that use tobuild the images didn't document this, left the company and I need to find this for the next image.
I don't have much time, but in some reading on the HP site, there is discussion about:
HP System Management
Homepage for OpenVMS Here is the URL:

The screen shots are very simalir to the Insight Mgmt Agent that I am use to working with.
Any help to point me to the needed documentation and installation and other help would be greatly appreciated.
Rob Buxton
Honored Contributor

Re: Insight Mgmt Agent

What OS are you working with?
The main page for HPSIM info is:
Look in the Information Library.

Servers like the HP Proliant range can be built using the HP Smart Start CDs. As part of these builds you will end up with the HP Agents installed, part of which you're seeing when you browse to the link you listed.
Different OSes have different builds.

HPSIM is a Management tool that allows you to manage Proliant Servers and uses the agents to report and gather info.

The server type also has a bearing on what you'll need.
Ed Whit
Occasional Visitor

Re: Insight Mgmt Agent

I am running Windows Standard Server 2003 on a HP DL385 Proliant Server (will be when I finish I should say). We had Insight Mgr on a Prolaint DL380 G3.

The software that I need to install is currently running on the 150 PC's and it shows up in the control panel/add-remove programs as "insight mgr agent" and will give info, specific to the "machinename" and the port 280 or 2301. E.G.


in the address bar and get each of the PC's on the network domain. This can be keyed into any web browser from any server or PC.
The screen shows the hardware and other information. I can just change the name of a machine with Insight Manager Agent installed on it.

Ervinck Kevin
Valued Contributor

Re: Insight Mgmt Agent

If your goal is to monitor client pc's, then you can't. HPSIM is intended to monitor your server park, in particular your HP servers (DL/ML/Blades/...).
You can download the HP Support Packs (which has all HP Management software in it for a server) from this page:

Just fill in your server type (ex: DL380 G5) and choose the appropriate OS (Windows 2003 Server in your case). The latest support Pack is v8.0a. This is the package which holds the 'HP Management Agents', the page you were referring to earlier.

Once again you cannot hardware monitor client pc's (read desktops) as there are no Management Agents for those.

Hope this somewhat clears up your questions.