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Installing Insight Software Services and other ICE/SIM questions

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Installing Insight Software Services and other ICE/SIM questions

Hi all,

Here's a few SIM / ICE questions I was hoping anyone could help me with.


When I first installed SIM I used the standalone SIM installer, not the ICE DVD or anything. I have installed SIM and everything that came with that installer (last year), and I have also installed other addins such as the Power Manager, Performance Management Pack etc.

I have ICE licenses which came with my blade enclosures, so I want to get these extra features going. But I need to install the 'Insight Software Services' to get the license subkeys. I have the ICE DVD and to install the Insight Software Services it's asking me to install a whole bunch of other pre-requisites and stuff I already installed. All i want is to install the Insight Software Services so I can get the licensing stuff going.

So here are my questions.

1) Is there an exe or an installer just for the Insight Software Service on the ICE DVD? Or is it rolled into the SIM installer or something? I just want the Insight Software Service so I can get the license manager rolling for the extra addins.

2) If I can't just install this Software Service and I have to install the whole suite, will it break any of my current products? Will it upgrade them or remove them or do anything to them? I obviously don't want the SIM server changed when I just want this one component.

3) Currently the SIM installs and all components are on the C: which is running low on space. If I did the Suite Install could install these to the D: which has alot more space. What is the process if I want to install SIM to the D: ? Do I have to reinstall all the components and reconfigure everything? Or Could I just install to D: and then copy and paste all the files overwriting everything. It would still point to the same SQL database, and it's the latest version SIM 5.3 SP1 .

If anyone has any has any ideas how I can get Insight Software Services without having to go through the whole suite that would be great. If I have to do the whole suite, if some instructions could be provided that would be great.


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Re: Installing Insight Software Services and other ICE/SIM questions

Does anyone have any idea's for this?
Newton S
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Re: Installing Insight Software Services and other ICE/SIM questions

1.ISS can not be installed as a single component
2.You do not need to install whole suite. During IS DVD install choose â customized selectionâ you can uncheck the â select/unselect allâ box. Only the products already installed in the System will be checked, along with that you can just select ISS and continue installation, all the selected components will be reused (left untouched if installed) or upgraded to latest Version. No harm will happen with your existing HP SIM. IS Installer will not anything in SIM.

3. Yes, u can install the new components onto D: drive but the existing components(HP SIM, PMP, IPM)will not me moved

To move SIM to another drive (System) u may checkout the below doc if it helps

Copy paste will not work!

Revert back if u have any questions, and do post the SIM,PMP and IPM versions ur running (available from HP SIM ->Help -> About HP SIM)
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Re: Installing Insight Software Services and other ICE/SIM questions

This worked a treat! The install was very seamless and my existing SIM and products did not get touched.

Thank you very much Newton.