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Installing PSP/Power/Bios/iLO Firmware via SIM

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Installing PSP/Power/Bios/iLO Firmware via SIM

Hi guys,

This weekend I'm updating the PSP, BIOS, iLO, Firmware and Raid Controller Firmware for all my Windows servers which consist mainly of 60c's G5's and DL380 G4's with both Windows and Linux. I've done testing with deploying the PSP 8.25, BIOS Firmware, iLO and the Raid Controller in bulk via SIM to a test group of 5 servers which works fine.

My only concern is that I would like to add the Power Management firmware to this as well, but I don't have it in my VCRM. I've looked and I can't find how to import this into my repository. Does anyone know how I can add the Power Management Firmware (both Windows and Linux) into the VCRM so I can roll it out in bulk and not have to jump on every server to install it?

Also, the WBEM component did not install on a couple of the test servers, how do i make this compulsary for the PSP install?


Rob Buxton
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Re: Installing PSP/Power/Bios/iLO Firmware via SIM

I don't think you can add firmware deployments. They're typically managed by HP. It's taken quite a while for disk firmware to start showing up.
Not sure on the wbem stuff. It may be a dependencies thing. You'd need to check why it didn't install.
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Re: Installing PSP/Power/Bios/iLO Firmware via SIM

You might want to double check the power management controller firmware. It should be in the repository (if it's up to date)
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