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Integrating Brocade Switches with SIM using SMI-S Problems...

Paul Moyne
Occasional Contributor

Integrating Brocade Switches with SIM using SMI-S Problems...


I'm having problems receiving alerts from switches into HP SIM.

SIM SP5 is installed on a Windows 2003 machine and communicates with Brocade's SMI Agent installed on a separate Windows computer.

The SMI Agent was configured as per the instructions (brocade_provider.pdf) found at whereby mutual authentication and various security features were disabled because I’m currently testing this in a development environment. I also added a fabric containing a number of switches during the setup.

HP SIM has successfully discovered Brocade’s switches by entering the SMI Agent’s machine IP address into the discovery configuration page. I can confirm that switches are listed in SIM under “All Storage Switches” and that “System Page -> Identity -> Product Description -> Management Protocols” state “WBEM: 1.0”. Port information is also visible so it seems as though SIM is communicating successfully with Brocade’s SMI Agent.

However, I’ve hit a brick wall when it comes to generating events/alerts from the switches. No matter what I do to create alerts, such as pulling out a power plug / fiber cable, nothing appears on SIM. I’ve looked at events both from the switch and the windows agent machine but all that appears is the initial “Discovered System”.

Any help would be very much appreciated.
James D. Young
Frequent Advisor

Re: Integrating Brocade Switches with SIM using SMI-S Problems...

I have never used a brocade agent, but i recieve my alerts from all my brocade switchs via SNMP to the SIM server. It sends me alerts on everything that happens to the switch. I have the SANSwith 4/32 in my mix.
Occasional Visitor

Re: Integrating Brocade Switches with SIM using SMI-S Problems...


I just deployed the SMI-S Brocade agent.

I can't just discover my switches.
I hav of course lan connectivity to them. Thes are HP SAn switches 4/16.
so i think they are compatible.

Configured the agent as mentionned in the procedure (no security, RPC, 2 threads), but nothing does.

Can U perhaps help me for the first steps ?

Thank U !

Rob Buxton
Honored Contributor

Re: Integrating Brocade Switches with SIM using SMI-S Problems...

As James said in the original follow up, you don't need the SMI-S stuff if you just want alerts.

Configure SNMP on the brocade switch, you'll need to ensure the community names are there and that the HPSIM Server is an allowed host. Having the switch in the discovery range will also help.
Finally on the switch you'll need to configure an SNMP Trap destination.

My brocade switches are discovered and alerts sent just using SNMP and not resorting to SMI-S.
Occasional Contributor

Re: Integrating Brocade Switches with SIM using SMI-S Problems...

Could you please give me more details of how to integrate with HP SIM and FC Switch to get some alerts.

Since I configured the SNMP on Brocade swtich(StorageWorks4/8) and generated the error by removing the gbic, HP SIM couldn't retrieve any alerts from fc switch even discovery was fine.
Fc switch name and IPaddress only lists on the SIM.
Here is the config detail.
Brocade Firmware 5.2.1

So, I also reaached about SMI-S info as below.

Does it wrong configuration of SNMP on Brocade switch?

However, Why is HP mentioned about SMI-S when it is intergarted of SIM and FC switch.

What does it SIM work if the SMI-S would be installed? Is there the graphic will be showed up on SIM when instal SMI-S?

Your advice would be much appreciated.