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Re: Integrating HP SIM 5.3 and SCOM 2007

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Integrating HP SIM 5.3 and SCOM 2007

I have HP SIM 5.3 running perfectly on a Windows 2008 (virtual machine). HP SIM monitors ESX-servers and receives traps/events from them.

How do I integrate HP SIM into SCOM 2007, so I would see the same warnings/health state from my ESX-servers in my SCOM interface as I can now see in my HP SIM webinterface.

I installed the HP ProLiant Management Pack for SCOM 2007, but it doesn't seem to work.
(I have SCOM 2007 running on a Windows 2008, virtual machine))

Thanks in advance.
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Re: Integrating HP SIM 5.3 and SCOM 2007

You are using SCOM 2007?...I am sorry :)

All kidding aside, I think you might need physical machines as the monitored guests for SCOM-SIM integration. I think the HP management pack for SCOM is going to be looking for HP management agents, which only run on physical machines. I looked at this briefly when I first rolled out SCOM but decided not to use it as I got no value out of it, so I am by no means an expert on this MP.

Tad Swierad
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Re: Integrating HP SIM 5.3 and SCOM 2007

Stefaan, the short answer is you can't monitor HP hardware running VMware ESX through SCOM - the HP ProLiant MP for SCOM 2007, which we are running in production, is for Windows physical servers only. Even third party MP connectors - like nworks (or Veem now) - do not monitor ESX hardware. It's a gap. We ended up forwarding our SIM events to the OVO for Unix console since we standardized on two monitoring consoles - SCOM for Windows and OVO for Unix and Linux.
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Re: Integrating HP SIM 5.3 and SCOM 2007

Isn't it possible to do the same for SCOM. So forwarding the SIM events to SCOM, just like you did for OVO?
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Re: Integrating HP SIM 5.3 and SCOM 2007

Just wanted to point out - that the nworks Management Pack for VMware (from Veeam Software DOES monitor ESX hardware. We even monitor ESXi hardware also. All agentlessly.

we currently use the VMware implementation of CIM/SMASH, gathered from vCenter API. So we support ANY hardware vendor that supports SMASH standard (see This includes HP, DELL, IBM, etc etc.

And we also will integrate this hardware monitoring with the VMware topoogy we build in SCOM - status of ESX Clusters, Resource Pools, hypervisor itself, VMs etc.

Any questions please post here, or hit our forums on :)
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Re: Integrating HP SIM 5.3 and SCOM 2007