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Re: Invalid Device IP 'Discovered'

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Invalid Device IP 'Discovered'

Hi all

We have a spurious IP address being reported by one of my enclosure switches (I've not been able to stop it reporting this, as the switch in question is correctly addressed and working fine)

The switch reports back an address of (as well as its correct address), which is obviously invalid. HP SIM sees this, tries to communicate and obviously fails, marking it as uncontactable. the IP is obviously being cached somewhere, but I've been unable to find where!

Is there any way of stopping this being picked up from the HP SIM side?

I've tried putting an IP address exclusion, but because it's not valid, this doesn't work. I've also tried suspending monitoring of this, but that fails too. Simply deleting it works for so long until the Onboard Administrator 'rediscovers' it and off we go again.

Any help would be appreciated

Frequent Advisor

Re: Invalid Device IP 'Discovered'

problem solved.

Upgrading to v6.2 has allowed me to suspend monitoring for this spurious device, so at least it doesn't annoy me anymore :-)


Re: Invalid Device IP 'Discovered'

Hi Andy,

great!... just wanted to respond to your post and saw your another post... that's the solution for this issue which worked in my case as well.

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