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Issue with Remote Support Software Manager


Issue with Remote Support Software Manager

I am running SIM 5.1 SP1. According to the Remote Support Software Manager documentation I should see an item under the Options menu for Remote Support Configuration and Services. However, I do not see this. Also I set up the support manager by double clicking the icon on the server desktop but I don't see that it took affect. The service is started. Any help would be appreciated.
James Kennedy_5
Regular Advisor

Re: Issue with Remote Support Software Manager

I faught with this for a while and I finally got it working.

Login to your SIM box using the same ID that you installed SIM 5.1 with. Also, make sure you are loging into the "console" session, if using Remote Desktop. Also, SIM has to be installed on a ProLiant server, a VM does not work for this... aparantly

Launch "Remote Support Software Manager". Under Packages, you will see a package for Remote Support Software Manager A05 or something like that. You have to get that installed, even though you're already using the same version. (according to About).

Pretty much try to get all the packges in there installed properly without errors.

Once you do this, you should get the additional menu options in SIM.

Good luck, its not easy, but worth the battle if you can get it going.