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LSA/VMM communication failed

Diego Tascón
Occasional Contributor

LSA/VMM communication failed

Hi all.

I'm quite new to HP SIM. We have a new HP SIM 5.3 installation with Insight Dynamics. Wondering around I've come to the events page and I've found hundreds of "LSA/VMM communication failed" critical error messages. The details of the message explain "Could not retrieve available server pools. Communication failure or timeout.".

I've searched for more information on this error event but haven't found anything. Can anyone give a clue of where should I start looking at?

Thanks in advance.

Hans Havard
Occasional Visitor

Re: LSA/VMM communication failed

I to am having the same problem. Noone else is having this?
Regular Advisor

Re: LSA/VMM communication failed

Am having the same issue.....

anyone found a fix?
Tom Rynaarts
Occasional Visitor

Re: LSA/VMM communication failed

Hello Diego

I had the same problem on a server. I found that the page file was to small. I increased it by letting it "manage by windows". After a reboot the error appeared to be resolved. Hope this help.