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License Manager

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License Manager

Hi there,

i have installed HP Insight Control on an HPSIM 6 installation and added in the eval license keys from HP for them but when i try to license a VM Host i get the message box appearing witht he following

License manager cannot process licenses for the following one of two possible reasons

1 the product specific licensing component has not been installed on the central management server yet. View "Help->about.." to determine if the product whose keys you are trying to assign have been installed.

2. License manager is not the tool used to assign license keys for this porduct. refer to the products documentation on how to assign the license keys.

all the plugins have been installed as far as i can see but i cant see any reason why i get the message above.

can you help

Ken Dietz
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Re: License Manager


Please identify the products you are trying to license? Please describe the license keys such as 5 groups of 5 characters or whatever.

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Re: License Manager

Has anyone made progress on this issue? I am now seeing it in SIM7.

Daniel Penoff
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Re: License Manager

It sounds like you are attempting to license the VMware plugin for Insight Control.


If that is the case, it is a separate license from HP-SIM and must be purchased from HP.


Please provide more details so we can be sure.