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Linux Insights Agents

Paul Seymour_2
Occasional Contributor

Linux Insights Agents

With the Insight Agents pointing to SIM servers is there anyway I can simulate a disk failure message in software without pulling the disk out (or any other failure).

Need to test SNMP and backend connectivity.

Also is there a list of the Insight Agents for Linux MIB/OID's

Sean Carolan
Frequent Advisor

Re: Linux Insights Agents

Hi Paul:

Depending on the version of the HP system management homepage you have installed on the server, you may be able to send a 'test trap' from the web interface. The SMH version for RHEL3 unfortunately does not include this feature.

I'm not sure whether the RHEL5 version of SMH includes this feature or not, but you might give it a try:

If you have dual power supplies on this box you might try pulling one out to see if it sends an snmp trap alert. Nothing like a real "outage" to test if your system is working.

Anyone know how to send test alerts via command line?