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Linux Integrity Managed System Discovery error

Kathy Finn
Occasional Contributor

Linux Integrity Managed System Discovery error

I'm running HPSIM 6.2 with RHEL5 on rx2620 server.


Major error: The system cannot be identified properly for HPSIM to manage. Unable to get one or more of the following:

model, serial number, or UUID. For Linux, dmidecode should be installed, PermitRootLogin and PasswordAuthentication

should be enabled, and use root login credential.


dmidecode is installed on my system, root login and password authentication are set to yes, and root login is set in credentials.


I re-run discovery task and get the same error.  If possible, I do not want to use elevated privileges or root login. 

SNMP is the only communication method that I would like to use.


What do I need to check to clear this error?