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Linux /var/log/messages Connection from

Tim Cheyne
Occasional Visitor

Linux /var/log/messages Connection from

I have configured Insight Manager on SLES 9 using both of the following versions of SNMP:-


I have found it difficult to find any information on which version is preferred.
The /etc/smnpd.conf file is as follows:-

# hash the following line if net-snmp-cmaX inst
dlmod cmaX /usr/lib/

rocommunity thestring
rocommunity thestring
trapcommunity thestring
trapsink thestring
syslocation MDRL10LABA

When the host is restarted I get the following in the logs:-

/var/log/messages (cmaX ver)
Apr 23 07:46:29 testsp10 snmpd: Connection from
Apr 23 07:47:03 testsp10 last message repeated 2 times
Apr 23 07:48:04 testsp10 last message repeated 4 times
Apr 23 07:49:05 testsp10 last message repeated 4 times
Apr 23 07:50:07 testsp10 last message repeated 4 times

/var/log/net-snmp.log (non-cmaX ver)
Connection from
Connection from
Connection from

I believe that these are for information only even though they appear at the rate of approx 4/minute. It would seem that if you accidentally misconfigure it this can become around 18/minute. I am trying to find out if this is normal behaviour and whether the messages can be suppressed or the cycle tuned to be less intense. Have done man snmpd, man hpasm and can see that you can turn of source address logging by taking out -a parameter but would lose all then and not just the talking internally ones.
Any advice appreciated.