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Log Files in HPSIM 5.1 SP1

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Dana Swanson
Regular Advisor

Log Files in HPSIM 5.1 SP1

Hi All,

Running HPSIM 5.1 SP1 on Windows 2003.

Would anyone have some information on the log files located on the HPSIM CMS/Console in the product installation location?

From the console, the scheduled task logs and audit log seem strait forward.

I've been looking at the log files located in C:\Program Files\HP\Systems Insight Manager\logs...

mx.log appears to be the audit log, the same log used from the console.

mxdomainmgr.*.log(s) appears to be the hpsim server log(s).

mxinventory_log4j.log.[date] seems to be the web interface log.

Can anyone add to these descriptions or point out any other log files?


Honored Contributor

Re: Log Files in HPSIM 5.1 SP1

mxinitconfig_log4j.log and mxinititconfig.log: This file contains logs from the initialization of HP SIM, it is appended to each time SIM is upgraded.

mxdtf.X.log and DTFServer_log4j.log : Debug entries for the MxDTF process, which is responsible for running MSA, SSA and command tools in SIM

PgSQL_Config: Only on Linux and HP-UX when Postgresql is used. This is the log file for the postgres install and setup.

Thats all i guess.
Dana Swanson
Regular Advisor

Re: Log Files in HPSIM 5.1 SP1

Hi AjayHP,

Thanks for the detail on the log files.

It will be really helpful to have this on hand if problems come up.

I wish some of the experts on this site would write a nice fat book on hpsim.

Thanks again!