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Login Failed Authentication

Dennis Hogan
Occasional Visitor

Login Failed Authentication

My SIM logs are filling up with 'Login Failed Authentication' errors for my user id. I've gone through and made sure it isn't being used by a service. CPU usage is constant over 85% and MXPASSWORD.exe, MXDOMAINMGR.exe and HPVMMSVCJ.exe appear to be using most of the cycles. The failed authentication also shows up in the Windows Security log. Any ideas? SIM 5.0, sp5 on W2K3, sp1

dunnie morgan
Occasional Advisor

Re: Login Failed Authentication

I had the same issue with SIM 5.00.2 and SQL 2005. Adding the SIM Domain Account to SQL security as a sysadmin role solved my issue. I didn't figure this out on my own, a staff DBA showed me.