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Logon failures count increment on HP UX

David P Lavoie
Frequent Advisor

Logon failures count increment on HP UX

Hello all,

I'm still trying to figure my way out of this problem...

We're currently running Systems Insight Manager 5.2 with SP2 on a windows 2003 server. We have 2 HP UX 11.31 boxes configured through WEBEM. Every time a schedule task runs on those systems, multiples entries get into the syslog log for every global account set in the protocol settings. Even worse, it tries the root account with a password used on our SLES 10 servers.

Since we implemented an auth_max_tries setting to all accounts in HP UX, the root account gets locked up after some time and we need to unlock it from the console when needed.

Even a system credential set in the protocol settings options won't prevent HP SIM to use the global ones. I looked into the tasks options but cannot find a way to disable the global credentials.

Someone have an idea how I could get passed this problem?