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Logout information Trap

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Logout information Trap

Hello The problem that I have is that my event list in HP SIM 5.0 is bombed bij Logout events (informal)

When I open the details there stood this:
Event Details: Logout

Event Identification and Details

Event Severity Informational
Cleared Status Not cleared
Event Source bolbxm-im
Associated System bolbxm-im
Associated System Status Normal
Event Time Thu, 3/30/2006, 10:27:34 AM CEST
Description Logout

Security Event Details

User Name mxadmin
IP Address
System Name


What is the problem and how can I fix this because every they it makes 300 of them.
Rod Hoy
Occasional Visitor

Re: Logout information Trap

Have you had any luck with this? I have the exact same thing and can not find out why I have a logout event every minute.
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Re: Logout information Trap

Yes the problem is fixed.. my solution was stopping the MSDE Database and reactivate it.