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Looking for some "Insight"

Dwyane Everts_1
Honored Contributor

Looking for some "Insight"

Hi, gang...

New to the "Insight" world and recently installed 5.0 on a windows server. The docs are fair, but don't offer all the answers to all my questions. So, I'm looking for some further info from the forum.

I'm looking to monitor some slightly older technology (PA-RISC) and 2 XP disk arrays. I have Web Jetadmin integrated already.
Problem areas:

- Associating MPs with servers
- Associating CommandView with the XPs
- Discovering ServiceGuard clusters on MC/SG 11.16
- What functionality can I get for third party (Dell) servers?

Those are my immediate needs, but if you have any other advice to offer, please do.

Thanks in advance,
Preston Gallwas
Valued Contributor

Re: Looking for some "Insight"

Third party support:

Any SNMP Enabled device can be monitored and configured if you import the SNMP Mibs (assuming they dont exist in the default store) using MXMIB

Proceedure is documented, but basically
mcompile (mibname)
mxmib -a (Mibname.cfg)
Rob Buxton
Honored Contributor

Re: Looking for some "Insight"

With MP's just check the LO card is configured to send at least Medium info back. They should sort themselves out.

Dell Servers, up down etc. MIBs loaded into SIM could decode any events sent back by the Dell. WBEM can be used to gather data.