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Lost functionality from OSEM/WEBES and HP SIM

Aaron Burrafato
Occasional Contributor

Lost functionality from OSEM/WEBES and HP SIM



I recently rebuilt my old SIM server at version 7.3 and added all my servers back in the way they were


I quickly found out that OSEM had been discontinued for quite some time and HP was pointing me towards Insight Remote Support. So I set everything up for the new software and found that it doesnt handle SNMP hardware traps the same way OSEM did. As far as I can tell I can only set up email alerts for servers that have new cases opened or closed which only happens for server that are still under warranty. The other 600 servers I have that are out of warranty are in HP Remote Support but do not benefit at all.


For the time being I set up an email alert in HP SIM for critical events but it does not contain all of the useful trap info I used to get when receiving alerts from OSEM


Is there any way with HP SIM or HP Remote support to set up email alerts for SNMP traps that forward all of the info?


For example the emails used to look like this from WEBES


Subject: HP SEA: cpqDa7PhyDrvStatusChange-cpqDaPhyDrvStatus-failed, System Event Analyzer Detected Fault


Time of Event:

     Event ID:                232_6_3046_232.

     Event Time:              05-25-2014 14:18:27 GMT+00:00

     Original Indication ID:  232_6_3046_232.


Managed Entity:  

     System Name:            

     System Type:             ProLiant DL360 G5

     System Serial:              

     OS Type:                 Microsoft Windows Server 2003, Standard Edition Service Pack 2         


Brief Description:


Callout ID:



Full Description:

A Serial Attached SCSI(SAS) hard drive has experienced a failure. Check for known FW issues with the drive FW rev HPDC and if none are found proceed with drive replacement using spare part number 507283-001.





Failing Part:

Drive Type:                     Serial Attached SCSI(SAS)

Drive Model number:             HP      DG0146FAMWL    

Drive Serial Number:           

Drive FW Rev:                   HPDC

Drive Spare P/N:                507283-001

Drive Location:                 Port 1I Box 1 Bay 2

Drive Diagnose Result:          Drive Failed





Failing Part Location:

The failing Serial Attached SCSI(SAS) hard drive is installed at Port 1I Box 1 Bay 2 of the array controller integrated into the server a ProLiant DL360 G5 with serial number




Service Notes:

The following link will provide part replacement procedures for your server:

cpqDACntlrHwLocation contains a text string that gives location details for the array controller in more complex cellular systems.


Drive Type:                   Serial Attached SCSI(SAS)

Drive Model number:           HP      DG0146FAMWL    

Drive Serial Number:     

Drive FW Rev:                 HPDC

Drive Spare P/N:              507283-001

Drive Location:               Port 1I Box 1 Bay 2

Drive Diagnose Result:        Drive Failed


Drive Chassis Type:         

Drive Chassis Serial Number:  Unknown


Array Controller Model:       HP Smart Array P400i Controller

Array Controller FW Rev:      5.20

Array Controller Slot:        Slot 0



Server Name:              

Server Model:                 ProLiant DL360 G5

Server Product ID:            416565-001  

Server Serial Number:       

Server FW Rev:                P58-06/13/2006



Additional Data:


System Name:                 

System Model:                 ProLiant DL360 G5

System Serial Number:        

OS Type:                      Microsoft Windows Server 2003, Standard Edition Service Pack 2

OS Version:                   5.2

Provider Name:                Insight Management Agents

Failing Event ID:             232_6_3046_232.

EventTime:                    05-25-2014 14:18:27 GMT+00:00

Event Category:               Primary Storage Device

Event SubCategory:           

Informational URL:  



  Analysis Tool:  WEBES

  Tool Version:   Web-Based Enterprise Services Common Components for Windows V6.4 (Build 200), member of Web-Based Enterprise Services Suite for Windows V6.4 (Build 200)

  RulesetVersion: V6.4 (Build 200)

  Rule Name:      cpqDa7PhyDrvStatusChange-cpqDaPhyDrvStatus-failed