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MIB file for IBM Tivoli to monitor SIM?

Oliver Berry
Occasional Contributor

MIB file for IBM Tivoli to monitor SIM?

Ibm have asked me to supply the text file MIB so that an IBM tivoli system (Candle) can hook into our SIM 5 systems.

Can anyone advise which one I need.


Honored Contributor

Re: MIB file for IBM Tivoli to monitor SIM?

Hello Oliver,

Does this help?

SNMP Management Information Base (MIB)

For users planning to make use of IBM Tivoli Storage Resource Manager's SNMP trap alert notification capabilities, an SNMP MIB (Management Information Base) is included in the server installation. The Tivoli SNMP MIB can be found in the file: /snmp/tivoliSRM.MIB.

The MIB is provided for use by your SNMP management console software. Most SNMP management station products provide MIB compilers that can be used to import MIBs. This will allow you to better view IBM Tivoli Storage Resource Manager generated SNMP traps from within your management console software.

Refer to your management console software documentation for instructions on how to compile or import a 3rd party MIB.