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MIB files for Nortel and Cisco

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MIB files for Nortel and Cisco

We use HP SIM 5 and we monitor servers/clients/printers/network devices.
The question is how to identify network devices.
We have several Cisco routers (cisco 1760,3745,2514,...) and dozens of Nortel switches (Nortel passport 1600,2430; Nortel BayStack 425, 380, 5510,...)
After discovery completed we can see all network devices IP's in HP SIM, but:
-Cisco routers detected as product name "Cisco network device" and system type "Switch"
-Nortel switches detected as product name "empty" and system type "unmanaged"
The questions:
1) Is any option exist to identify Cisco routers with exactly product name - Cisco 3745 for example?
2) Is any option exist to identify Nortel switches with exactly product name - Nortel Passport 2430 for example? Or at least identify it as "Nortel network device" (like Cisco)?
I think I need to add MIB files but I don't know which MIB files and how I add them.

Thanks !

Frequent Advisor

Re: MIB files for Nortel and Cisco

Nobody here don't use Cisco and Nortel ?!