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MIB import failes after update to SIM 7.6

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MIB import failes after update to SIM 7.6

Hello Does anybody see this error after updating SIM to 6.7. It seems a MIB is faulty and can't be imported:

[HPSIM_DEBUG] [Panic Logger-0] (main) Failed to add/update data: d:\apps\HP\Systems Insight Manager\mibs\cpqnic.cfg. Error Msg:Error reading CFG: TRAP-TYPE Unexpected word in macro Line: 2,345.
13 dec 13:44:45,937 INFO 

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Re: MIB import failes after update to SIM 7.6

I just noticed I'm getting the same errors after an update from 7.5 to 7.6.


I looked at the cpqnic.cfg it references and that line 2,345 (strange number, btw) doesn't look like there's anything wrong:

--#ACTION "If this server is powered off, booting, or shutting down, occasional connectivity alerts may occur as the network adapter negotiates with the switch or interconnect. These alerts can be ignored and should clear automatically. If this server is booted up and running an operating system, this alert indicates a loss of connectivity between the network adapter and the switch or interconnect. Check the physical connection from the server to its destination device such as interconnect ,blade, switch etc, including any cables. Also check the configuration of the operating system and destination device."


My guess is the line # in the "informational" failure is wrong and that's not actually the line causing the problem?  I thought maybe it's actually referring to cpqnic.MIB (not cfg) but line 2,345 there is just blank anyway.  I plan to poke at it some more and see if I can find out where the problem really is, otherwise it's more of a nuisance than anything else.


UPDATE:  I went to a command line and changed to the directory "C:\Program Files\HP\Systems Insight Manager\mibs" where those mib files live.  I then ran this command to re-compile the cpqnic.cfg using the cpqnic.mib file:

..\bin\mcompile.exe cpqnic.mib

It created a new cpqnic.cfg (and renames the current one).

After that, you can run this to add that, or just let it run again in SIM (it'll do that anyway).

..\bin\mxmib -a cpqnic.cfg

You should see "COMMAND COMPLETED SUCCESSFULLY".  Also, next time SIM runs it's thing to do the MIB import, it should complete successfully.  It looks like it tries to run that every 2 hours (maybe just until it's successful after the upgrade process?).


I looked at the differences to the cpqnic.cfg file that recompiling made.  It basically removed any section with a --#MSG_FORMATTER command.  I don't know much about MIBs so I don't really know more than that.  Anyway, it made the mib import errors go away.

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Re: MIB import failes after update to SIM 7.6

Your steps worked for me with no modifications. I very much appreciate you taking time to write that up for us.