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MIB's ignored

Richard Munn
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MIB's ignored

We have implemented a CMS (V5.3SP1)/Windows.
We have hundreds of Linux servers trapping to the CMS as well as many other systems/devices. Everytime snmpd is restarted, we get a trap of (generic unregistered) followed by a "Cold Start" event.

We eventually worked out that the unregistered was snmpd sending out a shutdown trap. For whatever reason net-snmp says this should be yet every server bar none use 6 rather than 0 for the trap id.

To get around this we compiled the net-snmp-agent-mib adding trap id 6 then loaded it into SIM. A snmp broswer shows that maps to nsNotifyShutdownLocal and maps to nsNotifyShutdown. These are shown in the Options->Events->SNMP Trap Settings so I assume the mib loaded OK. However, when the traps come through, they get reported as generic unregistered as before.

We have checks and checked the MIB and cannot find anything wrong with it.

But the interesting thing is that the "Cold Start" is which is not defined in net-snmp (even though it has it's enterpise OID) and I can't find a mib where it is defined. So it looks like the CMS ignores our mib, ignore things with enterpise 8072 or processes 8072 internally.

Does anyone know what is going on here?