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MIBs Issue with Insight Manager

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MIBs Issue with Insight Manager

I've recently loaded some new mibs into our Insight Manager. I used the mcompile and the mxmib -a commands and didn't run into any issues. However, my systems for which I loaded the mibs for are still reporting: genericUnregistered for any event. I loaded mibs for BackupExec, Liebert ACs, Enterasys Switches, SUN Server hardware and Avaya Phone systems.

The systems are still appearing as unknown as well and not showing the actual hardware when I run an inventory.

Is there something else I need to be doing? Thanks.
David Claypool
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Re: MIBs Issue with Insight Manager

HP SIM does not 'walk the MIB' to retrieve data on non-HP systems. It only uses MIBs for event trap translation. The only way you're going to retrieve inventory data is if the device supports WMI or WBEM.

As far as 'generic unregistered,' are you sure you have the correct MIBs for your devices?