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ML110 G5 WBEM management by SIM

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ML110 G5 WBEM management by SIM

Hi, anybody can help me how to monitor subj server with SIM by using WBEM providers,  not only ping? I know that it cannot be managed by SNMP. WBEM providers and SMH already installed. thanks



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Re: ML110 G5 WBEM management by SIM

Have you created a WBEM subscription? This is needed to ensure events that are raised at the server are sent to SIM.

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Re: ML110 G5 WBEM management by SIM

Finally I edited system credentials and imported the SIM certificate, now SIM shows the model, SN, OS and other of the ML110 G5. But it doesn't show heath status by WBEM.

In Manage Communications tool (Configure Menu) SIM says


"HP SIM cannot communicate with these systems using the WBEM protocol

For Windows System(s), make sure that the WMI service is correctly installed and running on them, and that there is an HP SIM WMI Mapper running either on the managed system(s), or as a proxy on another system" -


and it cannot subscribe to wbem events when I try.

WMI Mapper is running on SIM.

Can you help?

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Re: ML110 G5 WBEM management by SIM

In HP sim, select the system(s).

In options-protocol settings-WMI proxy select the server where WMI mapper is installed.


Identify system again: options-Identify system

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Re: ML110 G5 WBEM management by SIM


Minor:    The name of the system could not be resolved to a fully qualified
          domain name. For a Windows CMS, make sure that the domain name of
          the managed system is included in the DNS suffixes in the Windows
          Advanced TCP/IP Settings page.
Minor:    The reverse DNS lookup using the IP address returns SERVNAME.
          However, the forward DNS lookup was not successful because HP SIM
          could not get the fully qualified domain name for the system being
          discovered. In HP SIM, the fully qualified domain name for the
          system will be empty. Verify that the system name is in the forward
          lookup table in the DNS server configuration, or that the fully
          qualified domain name and its IP address are in the host file.
Minor:    The discovered server cannot be associated with its management
          processor. For Windows and Linux, verify that the supported HP
          Insight Management Agents or WBEM provider is installed on the
          server. For HP-UX, verify that the WBEM Services version has the
          Management Processor provider. Also, verify that the management
          processor has been discovered in HP SIM.
Normal:   The system has valid hardware data (model, serial number, and
          unique identifier) and has been identified properly for SIM to
Minor:    HP SIM can access the system(s) WMI data, but it cannot access all
          the system information.

 Running WBEM rules based identification...
Minor:    Identification cannot get computer system hardware data from the
          WBEM / WMI providers.
        * Running Virtual Machine (VM) Host (non HP Integrity VM Host)

note: server has no mgmt processor. still no hw data

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Re: ML110 G5 WBEM management by SIM

Yes please,


I'm also having difficulties in configuring the HP SMH to detect all hardware components on my HP ML 110 G5 running Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard.



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Re: ML110 G5 WBEM management by SIM




The HP ProLiant ML110 G5 Server was retired on June 30, 2010, which means that future release of operating systems would not be tested from that date for compatiblity and drivers be released. Now, Windows Server 2012 was released much later than the release date.


Having said that, it does not mean that it would not be possible to install or work, but just that drivers and other applications are not developed by HP for this version of operating system. This server supports Windows 2008. Hope this helps!





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Re: ML110 G5 WBEM management by SIM

ok, thanks Vijaya.

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