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MSA1500 and SIM Again


MSA1500 and SIM Again

I finally found time to try getting this going again. Here's what I've done:

* Installed the MSA1500 SMI-S Provider (cp007968) on Server A that has MSA1500 disks mounted.

* Added a user called HPSIM to the SMI-S Provider via the UserAccountsManager.bat file.

* Modified the wbemportlist.xml file to include root/hpmsa.

* Bounced the SIM service.

When I run Identify Systems against this server, SIM comes back with:

* One of the CIMOMs installed on this system support SLP

* This system does not have any SMI-S CIMOM installed

* This system doesn´t have a server CIMOM installed, or cannot connect to it using all credentials specified

When I look at the log on Server A, I get the following:

* Failed to parse input, error=401

* Exception during intrinsic function:CIM_ERR_INVALID_NAMESPACE(NameSpace root/cimv2 not in manager)

* BAD METHOD, function not executed, exception=CIM_ERR_INVALID_NAMESPACE(NameSpace root/cimv2 not in manager)

I can wbemdisco from the SIM Server to Server A specifying the root/hpmsa namespace and I get back valid data.

So what does it take to either get SIM to not query for root/cimv2 (don't think that's an option) or get HP's SMI-S Provider on Server A to hand something back for the root/cimv2 namespace?

-- Dave