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MSCS instability

stefano colombo_1
Super Advisor

MSCS instability

Hi all,
I'm still fighting HPSIM ( 5.2 now ) in regard of MSCS .
We have several mscs clusters ( windows 2003 ) between HP blades , either p-class and c-class .

The problem I'm facing , which I know is an old issue , is the instability of the correct identification.

All the server are configured the same .

I've created some "discovery job" called against each cluster. Each job contains three IP . Two of the physical nodes and the cluster IP .

The problem is that many times the identification process misunderstand one node as the cluster , or viceversa .

I'm desperately looking for a "correct way" to manage MSCS cluster as I'm really upset with this issue .

Has anyone any real good advice on it ?

Thanks in advance